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Up-to-date Performance Metrics

  • Sales: Display sales as a number and a bar graph. Break down by product, region or market segment.
  • Profits: Display the bottom-line. Show how you got there with a pie chart or table, breaking down costs by different company departments.
  • Production Goals: The assembly line is an ideal place to visually display current numbers vs. targets and further demand.

  • Growth Goals: Set goals and measure your success in meeting them. Track growth in sales as well as preliminary growth efforts that are designed to lead to further sales growth.

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  • Increase communication and efficiency between product line components by allowing project teams to track and graphically display their product timeline.
  • Interaction between different items on the assembly line allows for more sophisticated product management and better results.
  • Help coordinate the facility’s efforts and identify problems when they arise while using display metrics to monitor the process.
  • An embedded use of metrics will help to ensure that your facility operates efficiently and cost-effectively.

Enhance Project Management

by Tracking Timeliness

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